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cctv in sharjah ajman abu dhabi

CCTV: Dubai Sharjah Ajman Abu Dhabi
Our selection of video Security Camera Systems includes everything needed to set up a video security camera system to monitor the premises. Our indoor and outdoor video security systems are available with 4, 8, 16 etc.., cameras and DVR & NVR, and are ideal for a range of applications, from home security to commercial surveillance. Our video surveillance systems connect to the network, enabling to view the business or home from a web browser or our free mobile device app when away. cctv in dubai ,cctv companies in dubai ,cctv companies in sharjah cctv companies in ajman ,cctv companies in abu dhbai  cctv companies in Rasal Khaimah
Analog Camera
Tektronix features the finest in analog imaging technology. High sensitivity and resolution provide superior performance across a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. Structural camera enclosures are available   Analog Camera to meet even the most extreme of environments.
IP Camera:
We offer a comprehensive selection of IP cameras. Network IP cameras provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for video security applications across a range of industries. IP-based video surveillance systems allow video to be recorded and monitored remotely, storage costs to be reduced, and an additional IP camera to be easily deployed by adding it to the network.
Vehicle Surveillance System
Our vehicle surveillance system provides a cost-effective vehicle monitoring solution designed for school buses, other commercial vehicles and private cars. Our vehicle monitoring packages are designed to protect the car and assets from fraudulent liability and theft. All of our on-board surveillance camera systems are easy to install, and vehicles are always monitored.
Access Control & Attendance System:
Access Control System
We offer a wide range of integrated electronic access control solutions from access control systems, door controllers and card readers, bio metric systems, to servers, proximity cards and access control software. We offer browser-based access control software which combines powerful features and ease-of-use to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations.
Attendance System

Time and Attendance access control series featuring bio metric fingerprint verification sensor and technologies, the devices are used to install on the door entrance with built-in time and attendance management software to better manage multi-access points attendance control and duty roster arrangement.

Biometric Time Attendance Reader ensures that no employee can punch in for another, which eliminates time fraud and reduces payroll costs. Because every person's fingerprint, iris, voice, retina face, hand, vein and signature are unique, a biometric time clock provides a quick, accurate, and reliable way to record "In" and "Out" punches for each employee. The most common, reliable and successful system is the one based on Finger Prints. Users are supposed to put their thumb/index finger (or any specified finger) in the finger reader. The system then compares the finger print that is read with that in the central database for authentication. Most of the Biometric Systems do not keep an image of the fingerprint but a template. A template is basically a number that is calculated based on various characteristics of the fingerprint. Such an approach is desirable so that unauthorized persons may not sneak in unauthorized images of finger print in the database. When a Finger print is to be matched, it's 'template' number is computed and compared with that stored in the database. Most systems allow for dry, greasy, chaffed and minor cuts on the fingers. The other biometric systems are based on 'Retina of the eye', Palm, photograph or voice pattern recognition. The Palm based systems take the image of the palm from various angles and compare the same. The system that is based on Finger Prints is most popular and economical.

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Student attendance is a growing concern in many cities. Modern schools are faced with growing classroom sizes and find it increasingly difficult to ensure that students are arriving at the school or to particular classes on time. Most schools rely on handwritten attendance records and have no way to centralize or share data. Add multiple buildings or offsite classes to the mix, and attendance becomes even more difficult to monitor. What if there were ways to monitor student attendance for one or more physical sites, and make the attendance data available in real time through a central database?

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cctv in sharjah

TektroniX Technology Systems LLc we are technology company we provide customized IT solution majorly we deal into telematics and installation of CCTV, smart CCTV, smart surveillance, access control,time and attendance management system,IT infrastructures, home automation,asset tracking ,gps tracking, wifi setup, intercom, structured cabling,cat6,fiber cabling, gate barrier, PABX,wireless setup, Wmax. we have our own research and development department hardware and software. our product is RTA approved.CCTV Dubai
We do all kind of services related to IT:
CCTV Camera,Bio-metric Fingerprint Machine,
Magnetic door lock system with finger print,
Vehicle camera's with GPS system, Netwoking.
CCTV Camera and lens security  surveillance
Fixed Minidooms CCTV Cameras
• Special CCTV camera for indoor installation.
• No adjustment required.
• Easy installation on ceiling.
• Night vision capable.
• Variable vision range according to requirement.
• Interchangeable lens for professional adjustments
• Ideal for Both Indoor and outdoor CCTV application
• Easy adjustment and configuration through in-camera switches
• Ideal for wall mounting with adjustable multiangle bracket
• Night vision range customizable with various options
CCTV IR Cameras /CCTV IR Bullet Camera
• High-end feature rich- quality camera for outdoor installations
• Night vision capable with LED IR light Easy installation
• External adjustments and configuration Weather proof
CCTV IP Cameras
• Strong and compact design with lens interchange functionality
• Bi directional audio on board
• Different image resolution mode
• Images can be view through a web browser
• Direct connection to the network
CCTV Speed Dome Cameras
• Moving cameras for image tracking
• High end zoom/pan/tilt cameras with quality features
• Digital zoom 3X for precise area selection
• Easy installation on wall / ceiling / pole
• Perfect for indoor / outdoor installation
TektroniX Technology System L.L.C
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cctv in dubai


I would like to introduce our company Tektronix Technologies which has been in the business from past 8 years giving the best services to the customers as supplier of IT and as solution provider.  we are providing best services in all over UAE ,CCTV camera dubai cctv camera in all over uae  cctv camera suppliers in dubai,camera installation dubai,camera installation sharjah ,camera installation in abu dhabi,cctv camera supplier in abu dhabi,
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We have well established and popular company track record and our services have always met with the great customer satisfaction. We offer great service at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise the quality of our service.
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We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. We have an excellent staffs who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends.
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We are into CCTV Security Surveillance, Asset Tracking, Time and Attendance Devices in whole sale price, RFID Cards, Tags,  Inventory Management, Secure Cams,  Cameras Without power and Without Internet setup for remote locations,  Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Toners, GPS System, PABX and Call accounting, POS and Cash Register, Structured Cabling, Fleet Management with latest technologies of Mobile Transmission Controller with integrated system of Geo Fencing, GPS Tracking, Panic Buttons, Vehicle Immobilizers, RFID system, Anti Fatigue System and Security Alarm system.
TektroniX Technology  System L.L.C
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cctv solution in bus

We have been providing mobile CCTV solutions and regard ourselves as one of the most technically qualified and capable providers and advisers of it's kind in the country. All our mobile DVR's have undergone strict in house testing and compliance approval. TektroniX provide best quality of product and service for cctv solution in bus ,CCTV inbus  cctv bus solution in dubai,school bus solution in dubaischool bus trackingsolution in Dubai ,school bus solution in Sharjah, bus camera systembus videosystem, bus video systems cctv  solutionin bus ,cctv in bus ,cctv  bus solutionin dubai

Mobile CCTV Solutions (For Vehicles Tracking solution in Dubai , Sharjah)
Mobile CCTV is the best and  latest extension to conventional surveillance systems  in cctv solution in bus ,cctvschool bus ,cctv  solution in bus ,cctv  in bus which helps you to monitor your mobile assets like cars, buses, trucks, trams, ships etc. Ever since the inception of Mobile CCTV Solutions, it has been building a reputation for developing and deploying mobile DVR’s, Surveillance Systems and Remote Site Surveillance Solutions.
We are working hard in order to build an increased safety in Transportation Buses, School Buses, and Cabs across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and other emirates of UAE. We are providing best services in all over UAE Our Tektronix   CCTV solutions in bus   have been designed and developed in connection with the following market segment and providing the complete CCTV installation services Dubai ,Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi:
  • Cars (Transport companies, Taxis & Cabs)
  • School Buses.
  • Vans (Deliveries, Couriers)
  • Trucks and Trailers (Logistics & Road Transport)
  • Buses & Coaches (Staff Transports, Public Transport, Tours and Travels)
  • Heavy Vehicles (Forklifts, Cranes)
  • ATM Counters and Lifts
  • Ships (Ferries, Vessels, Yachts, Liners)
  • Special Vehicles (Cash in Transit Vehicles, Ambulances, Police other Emergency Vehicles)
  • Railways (Trams, Metros)
  • TektroniX  Technology Systems LLC we are technology company we provide customized IT solution, majorly we deal into telematics and installation of CCTV, smart CCTV, smart surveillance, access control, time and attendance management system, IT infrastructures, home automation ,asset tracking ,gps tracking, Wi-Fi setup,Intercom, structured cabling, cat 6, fiber cabling, gate barrier, PABX, wireless setup, Wmax. We have our own research and development department hardware and software. Our product is RTA approved.
TektroniX Technology  System L.L.C
Mob: 971-566877080
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E-mail :info@techtronics.ae

cctv solution in bus

CCTV Solution in bus
TEKTRONIX is a fast growing technology solutions company based in the UAE with strategic business partners in India, UK, Australia and Taiwan. We provide our clients with the best solutions for their critical business requirements. This is a brief snapshot of our products and services and how we can partner with you in your growth story.
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cctv dubai,cctv in dubai,cctv solution in sharjah,cctv solution in bus,cctv in bus,
Tektronix Tecknology system LLC provide best services in all over UAE

TektroniX Technology  System L.L.C
E-mail :arshad@techtronics.ae
E-mail :info@techtronics.ae

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gps tracking solution in dubai

Tektronix Technology Provide best school bus solution in  Dubai , gps tracking in dubai,school bus tracking solution in Dubai, The school bus tracking system   solution in Dubai  ensuring the safety of the school children. The integration of this tracking system in the school bus helps the organization to promote the security of the children as the system provides automated solution through the GPS facility.  Provides by Tektronix the reliable solution greatly reduces the stress of the drivers who are ultimately responsible for maintaining the safety of the children boarding into the bus.

 The integration of this system is useful to all the parents though they are not using the internet, as it gives the alerts through the SMS. If the school buses are automated with this system it helps to maintain the buses efficiently with the daily reports. Solution in Dubai  ,  gpstracking in Dubai, school bus tracking solution in Dubai, In UAE cities like Dubai ,Business Bay, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah the school bus tracking system is very much useful Since it strengthens the safety of the children. The emirates are very much concerned about the safety of the children as the UAE government recently announced that the school buses should be digitalized so as to improve the quality in making the children to be comfortable. They regulate a rule that this tracking system is a must which is to be implemented in every school bus. Therefore, the whole responsibility to safeguard the children is on the school once they are picked up from the location. School bus tracking solution in Dubai, tracking solution in Dubai, school solution in Dubai, school bus solution in Sharjahschool bus solution in Ajman Abu Dhabi  our company approved DPS AND Dubai government approved  so that we provide best quality of service and maintenance .

TektroniX Technology  System L.L.C
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school bus tracking solution in dubai

Mobile Transmission Controller to monitor School buses & Local transport.
Product approved by RTA:
Mobile transmission controller is very effective and simple with complete security to all transport
cctv dubai,cctv solution in dubai,school bus solution in dubai ,gpstracking solution in dubai ,tracking solution in all over uae,tracking system in dubai, companies:

• LIVE audio/video
• Live view/monitoring of buses
• Two way communication
• Driver behavior
• Wi fi / GPS tracking
• Speed monitoring
• Panic Buttons
• Geo fencing
• Vehicle immobilizer
• Real time attendance through RFID
• Intercom
• Automated Fire Extinguisher Integration
• Delay time notification
• Estimated time of arrival
• Tyre pressure Management System
• Smoke Detection System
• 3G /4G network
• Anti-Sleeping System
• Anti-Crash System
And many more can be customized as per client’s requirement.
After sales support available along with 1 year warranty.
For more info please contact
Tektronix Technology System L.L.C
Mob: 971-566877080,048818687
E-mail :arshad@techtronics.ae
E-mail :info@techtronics.ae